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Cultural Audits
A well-designed cultural audit can provide eye-opening insights into the state of an organization's current culture and
• underscore the impact of planned or unplanned change;
• reveal strengths and gaps in current procedures and practices;
• guide and inform future strategic planning efforts; and,
• help the organization to create a more inclusive, cohesive organizational culture.
In our process we employ proven data collection and research methods, state-of-the-art technology, and protocols backed by years of research experience and expertise. We partner with organizations to design an approach that is informed by our experience and will provide the type of information necessary for the client to better understand their current environment.

Common measurement factors include:
• perception of workplace climate;
• level of employee engagement;
• anticipated employee tenure;
• degree of team cohesion;
• and the extent to which departments, teams, and individual employees agree or disagree in their stated experience of the organization's current culture.
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