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Leadership Development
The notion that "leaders are made not born" has been espoused by notable public figures including General Colin Powell and Donald Trump as well as prominent management theorists such as Warren Bennis, Barry Posner, James Kouzes, and Sharon Daloz Parks. Our philosophy of leadership is in full alignment with that basic tenet as well as the related belief that leaders develop over time through varied life experiences each occurring in any of a number of systems, contexts, and environments.

Leadership development does not occur in a vacuum; it must keep pace with the needs of the organization and the demands of the marketplace. Principled, ethical, responsive leadership is in high demand yet the media has countless examples of it being in short supply. Our multifaceted approach to leadership development blends relevant theories and models of leadership with strong management practices and real-world application. We specialize in creating powerful learning environments that move leaders to action as well as provide the support necessary to reinforce the integration of new skills beyond the classroom.
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