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Learning Design and Facilitation
Our consultants are seasoned organization development and effectiveness consultants with significant experience as designers and facilitators of group, team and organizational meetings, strategic planning sessions, and workshops at organizations of all kinds—from startups, government agencies, and nonprofits to some of the most established companies in the world. Using a blend of our own existing proprietary materials, concepts in the public domain, resources owned or licensed by the companies we work with, or entirely new content we create based on the client's desired outcome, we consistently deliver a work product that exceeds our client's and participant's expectations.

Moving from design to implementation our approach provides the necessary links between curriculum elements, the context of the organization, and the learning needs of participants. Our highly regarded facilitation team consistently creates a learning environment where participants are engaged in interactive exercises that lead to new insights, skill development, and the reinforcement necessary to integrate ongoing learning well after the classroom session has been completed.

Regardless of the specific client need, our initial approach is always the same, namely, to provide the highest quality learning experience possible. We craft processes and environments that enable individuals, project teams, work groups, management teams and corporate boards to define objectives, overcome obstacles, and identify a vision for the future that leads to renewed innovation, productivity, and growth.
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