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Managing Change
The maxim attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus states that "nothing is constant but change." Individuals, teams, groups, and organizations constantly face two different types of change: planned and unplanned. Even the most detailed of plans, however, retain elements of the unknown. Ultimately, the ability to successfully navigate through times of flux or uncertainty can be linked to understanding how individuals and/or organizations are "hardwired" to manage change.

Individuals and organizations are predisposed to one of two general approaches to change: periodic or constant. These predispositions are typically due to any of a number of factors such as: industry standards and expectations; the presence or lack of regulatory mandate; pre-existing or emerging legal or legislative oversights; natural inclination; or rote habit.

The nature of our work is to help our clients understand their predisposition toward change, to leverage the strengths inherent in their tendencies, and to proactively manage planned and unplanned change. Among our team of consultants are emerging scholar-practitioners in the area of organizational change. We approach large and small-scale change within client organizations with the complementary perspectives of real world experience, leading edge theory, and ongoing field research.
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