Welcome to the Optimal Development Partners (ODP) Blog!
With the launch of our new website comes this inaugural Blog entry. In addition to articles, information summaries, interviews, pod-casts and other resources that will be periodically added to other areas of this site, this Blog will provide a forum for shorter more frequent communications, dialogue, and debate. Comments and varying perspectives are welcome and encouraged as long as they are respectful and good spirited.

The focus of this Blog is the exploration of the world of the scholar-practitioner. Too often there is an artificial divide between academia and real-world experience. Through leveraging the best of both perspectives, we hope to bring value to those we work and interact with. In this forum we will seek to bring our practical approach to innovative research to life through examples of down-to-earth delivery of client-focused interventions as well as our continuing education and development.

A broad network of colleagues, guests, and friends will periodically join ODP's Founder and President, Ann Johnston in writing entries. The overall vision is to explore a range of interests including planned and unplanned organizational change; leadership development; employee engagement; as well as current research and trends in the field of organization development and effectiveness.

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Posted by Ann on 06/11/09.
Posted by  Brad Johnston on 08/28/09.
Nice page sis!!!!
Posted by  Lisa Koss on 11/03/09.
What a great site! Congrats on this and the blog!
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